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The technology of staining by Coaching is carried out by electrostatic spraying on high-tech equipment from Glasscoat (UK).

Both full and partial staining of glass containers allows you to create an imitation of colored glass. Due to the control of the coating thickness, a dense, uniform and uniform coloring is obtained at the output. Our coatings have outstanding durability, ensuring that the bottle will be in excellent condition when it reaches the end user.

A variety of colors with a variety of textures and shades - allows you to achieve a wide palette, including silver, gold, platinum and many others, as well as heat-sensitive paints that change their color when the temperature decreases or increases.

Silkscreen printing

Silk—screen printing is the most popular method of product design.

Our production line for applying silk screen printing with ceramic as well as UV inks is equipped with the equipment of the German company Koenig & Bauer Kammann GmbH.

Drawing is possible on any type of surface: oval, flat, conical, square.

To create a premium bottle design, printing with paints containing gold or platinum is used.

Hot foil stamping

Hot foil stamping is a method of transferring gold or silver foil to glass, as well as numerous shades.

With foil stamping, you can incorporate small shiny details or large solid metal areas into your design. Foil stamping creates an attractive appearance and can be easily combined with screen printing. At the same time, the image quality and clarity remain excellent. The foil has both mechanical and chemical resistance.

UV printing

Printing with UV paints opens up new design possibilities and allows you to apply full-color images on top of a fully painted bottle, thereby expanding the design possibilities.

High image quality, maximum resolution and the ability to combine with other decoration technologies is the best way to distinguish your products from competitors.

The use of UV ink with zero heavy metal content makes this technology as environmentally friendly and safe as possible.