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Glass bottle production 0 %


      State standard o'z DSt 2828:2014 "glass Jars for food products. Main parameters and dimensions"; - State standard o'z DSt 2439:2012 "glass Containers for food products. Brand of glass."  - Ts 17990923-01: 2016 "glass Containers for food products. Technical conditions"; - UzTR86-013:2017 "General technical regulations on the safety of glass containers" (after the expiration of the current certificate of conformity). The company also approved the technological instruction for the production of glass (TI 64 – 17990923 – 03 : 2018, date of introduction 22.02.2018), establishing the process of manufacturing glass containers from colorless and colored glass. The technological instruction is coordinated with the Republican Center of the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Manufacture of glass products of "ASL OYNA" also meets the requirements of Instruction No. 880-71 "instruction for the sanitary - chemical analysis of products from polymeric or synthetic materials contacting with food products" SanPiN №0214-06 "Maximum permissible quantities of chemical substances emitted from materials contacting with food products" SanPiN №0193-06 "radiation safety Standards (NRB - 2006) and basic sanitary rules for ensuring radiation safety (OSPORB -2006)". The control parameters of glass – GOST 24980, control thermal stability of glass – GOST 13903, control of glass containers for resistance to internal pressure – according to GOST 13904, control the water resistance of glass – GOST 13905.       

      In accordance with the QMS of the enterprise provided for PL.5 "Regulations on technological support of production." According to this provision is carried out - control of technological discipline in the workplace. Control of technological discipline (monitoring) is carried out according to the schedule form PL.5 – F8. When monitoring officials are guided by the technological instructions for the production of glass TI 64 -17990923 - 03: 2018. The results of monitoring are recorded in the journal, form PL.5 - F9.


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